1018 Logging Saw Filer Shack

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Part Number:1018
This Saw Filer Shack is modeled after one that was used Manary Logging Co.In Siletz Country Or. You don't need a logging layout to enjoy this kit, can you picture it being used as a flower shop, Garden center or artist studio. It's just small enough at a scale 12 by 24-6 ft. To fit in most any area. All the windows in the front walls are made so you can have then open to any position you like. Plan on some time with the windows as there are 20 in the front walls. As above all parts are supplied except the roofing and interior. McKenzie Iron and Steel co. is working on an interior for the saw filers building along with the Bunk house. I will post a contact and price when these kits are ready, I can't wait myself as they do some of the best casting out there.

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