3708 2x8 Wood Form Section (With Adhesive Back)

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Part Number:3708
Sheets are true scale size 2x8 wood form section in a running bond. Can be used for foundations, retaining walls and portals, any were concrete has been formed when poured. Sheets cut from laser board and come in a neutral ivory color and are 1/64th inch thick (0.015). Sheets are 4 x 8 inches with a usefull area of 3.75 x 7.75 inches. One sheet per kit. This material takes paint well and the sample was painted with a spray can. To do the joints I used Plaster of Paris powder and rubbed it into the joints, then wiped the excess off with a dry rag.
You can use any white powder like flour or corn meal, then seal with a over coat of clear.

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