Photos From Our Customers

Jim Schumann sent us the following photos and said: "Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the N scale “horse ranch” on my layout. I enjoyed constructing the wood fence and really like the look. Coincidently, I fenced in 5 acres on my property this summer – 122 wood posts plus T-posts. I have to say that I enjoyed constructing your fence a lot more than that one! Thanks."

Rick Barker super detailed our N scale Bed and Breakfast. His interiors are truly amazing.

Rick Barker also sent in photos of his build of our country store.

Phil Richard sent the following photos of his O Scale Pickle Car build.

Phil says: "Here are a few photos of your pickle car that I built. Great kit."

Ron Clot sent the following photo and comment: I just completed your On30 pickle car kit and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The quality of your kit was superb, the design and engineering intriguing, and the use of self-adhesive small parts and tank bands a real sanity saver. Thank you. I've attached a photo of my completed kit, sans lettering. As you can tell, I made a few modifications to your design. I haven't had this much fun with a basswood kit since the days of Ambroid "One of Five Thousand" kits. Once again, thanks for a good time!

Phil DeChene detailed one of our Saw Filer's Shacks.

We think he did a nice job on the weathering and interior.

Grahame Hall sent us these shots of his version of Eatery at Forks and his story:

G'Day Richard.......have attached some photos of the nearly completed model of the Refreshment Rooms. I have some touching up to do under the roof sheets and around the edges and fit the lighting. I have not glued the roof down as I need to "get in there" should an led light fail. It is easily removable in the two parts. I have really enjoyed this kit although there were some frustrating moments, i.e the tab holes for the right hand porch were out if alignment which did not allow the supports to fit flat against the wall. Some careful work with the scalpel soon fixed that. Having my time again, I would have fitted the weather boards (against the walls) before I added the right and left roof , would have made it easier to apply some small clamps to hold them in place. Having sealed them while still in the carrier, when glue was applied they still bowed somewhat. All in all, a top kit and when the Aussie dollar improves I will order the Pub and will send some photos once the "Rooms" are lit. The carpet and curtains were my wife's idea.....we need to get a life."

Dave Kotsonis sent us these shots and this note:

"Here are a few pictures of your kits that I just finished. Not sure if you remember, but for some reason the side on my bunk houses didn't line up and you sent me some new sides. Well.....I used the spare parts and came up with this little logging house. What do you think? Also I included a couple of pictures of my logging camp."

Ralph Snelling has done an excellent job on our Gem Hotel (Kit 3022):

"Just thought I'd send you a few images of your Gem Hotel kit which I built as 'The Blue House Hotel' - a 1950's era vacation venue for my 'pending' Canadian Image layout 'Belleview BC'. I like to construct buildings as small dioramas or scenes with a base and scenery. In the form shown in the picture this model won first place structures at the Ntrack UK convention in March this year. It was a nice build that, given time and patience, produces a nice result. I did make a couple of small changes to the kit, both additions. I added a fancy top to the chimney (actually a 4mm scale resin British chimney pot from Unit Models) and then replaced the tar paper roofing with laser cut self adhesive fancy shingles by York Modelmaking. I was very pleased with the result and am already planning my next step (again based on RS Kits). Many thanks for your prompt service and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

Matt Edmond had the following to say about our 24 FOOT MOW/LOGGING CABOOSE (Kit 2402):

"Last week I received my HO 24' MOW Car and had the opportunity to assemble it this weekend. It's a nice kit and will fit into my depression area layout very well. The details are great and the overall model has a very nice balance and feel to it. It was a great little weekend project. By the way, this little gem even caught the eye of my wife who made specific, positive comments about the detail. This is a big deal, because she normally avoids my train room and modeling projects like the plague. George san luis obispo, CA. Your flat car kit is great. Your bolster design with the hardboard wafer is great, holds a screw better and less likely to split. Everything went together like a precision watch. Makes a great one or two night kit."

Jim Dye thought outside the box on this build, he turned our Feed and Seed kit, into a cigar company. He also did an excelent job on Greg's Saloon and the Saw Filer Shack.

Bryan Brown has done an excellent job on Paul's Repair. He tried a new technique on the shingles and we think it turned out very realistic.

Brian Drury from Canada has several of our kits on his N scale layout. He sent us these three shots. In the first is Linden Freight House, Dakra's back door and our Log Cabin are in the second shot. The final shot shows a job well done on the 1880's Hotel.

Ernest Chudzik has our Z Scale Wills Feed and Seed kit mounted on his layout.

He says: "It looks pretty cool. I put the vending machines and a silver trash can on the loading dock and a man on the sidewalk carrying a sack of bird food on his shoulders out to his car. Also some yellow and white flowers along the buildings extension edge look cool. The dock lights look awesome at night and can be turned on and off still leaving the first and second floor lights on. The sidewalks are Styrofoam painted gray. It all took four weeks and was a real challenge but also a lot of fun to build."

Mike Gerrits has used our Lodge and Log Cabins to create a winter getaway:

Christopher Martindale has created a lumber camp diorama that just has to be seen:

Thank you to Bryan Brown of Virginia for submitting the following:

N scale Steam Donkey and Engine House.

Paul Aegerter from Germany did an excellent job on Greg's Saloon. Also on our One-Stall Engine House

Here are four shots of our kits from Bill Erwin.

Bill built our Farm Wagons, Derelict Passenger Car and kitbashed a new MOW car. His freind Frank Legault built Paul's Repair.

Custom cutting on Mad Mike 3434 reissue of Tom Yorks Bordello.

We cut the walls and windows plus he used the two story outhouse on his diorama.

Several of our Z Scale kits on a layout at the November 2007 Puyallup Train Show.

Todd Bergeson has done a great job on two of our buildings. Here are four shots of Todd's variation on Greg's and our 1880s Store. Nice work Todd and thank you.

Thanks to Mike B. of San Francisco who did a great job on one of the Z 1880s Store.

Warren Wills of New Zealand sent along these shots of his N scale Engine House.

Some photos of the HO Scale Camp Bunk House by Mike Bloomer of Springfield Oregon. Mike did a great job adding an interior to his kit.

Here's some photos of Greg's Saloon built by Jim Dye of Tampa, Florida And his build of the HO Saw Filer Shack.

Photos and Models by Paul Templar, O Scale Saw Filer Shack (left), HO Scale Camp Bunkhouse (center), HO Scale Saw Filer Shack (right).

Here is a whole N scale town scene created by Will Annand from left to right: Engine House upper left, 1880s Store (under construction), Greg's Saloon, Paul's Repair in back and 1880s Shop on right. Also a close up of another Greg's Saloon. Will kitbashed two of our Cheltenham Station kits into his Bottling Works Building. And lastly, our N scale Engine House is being worked on.

Here are a few shots submitted by Robert Conrad.