Credit Valley Railway History

George Laidlaw President Of The CVR and An Author

February 28, 1828 - August 6, 1889

Cheap Railways By George Laidlaw 1867

A letter to the people of Bruce and Grey, showing the advantages Practicability and Cost of a dheap railway from Toronto through these counties.

Narrow Gauge Railways By George Laidlaw 1867

Reports and Letters on Light Narrow-Gauge Railways, with remarks on the advantages to be derived by the counties of Bruce, Grey, Victoria, Ontario and parts of other counties. Compiled by George Laidlaw.

Credit Valley Railway By George Laidlaw 1876

A booklet written by George Laidlaw in 1876 on the Credit Valley Railway which includes the minutes from their Annual General Meeting, including costs.

Credit Valley Railway: A History
by Will Annand

(A work in progress)

Preface and

Chapter 1
Early Pioneers

Chapter 2
Coming of The Iron Horse

Chapter 3
Men Behind
The Credit Valley Railway 

Chapter 4
Credit Valley Railway

Chapter 5
The Esplanade Difficulty

Chapter 6
Industry On The Credit Valley

Chapter 7
Mainline Toronto to Orangeville

Chapter 8
Branchline To Elora

Chapter 9
Branchline To St. Thomas

Chapter 10
Other Ontario Railways

Chapter 11 -
After the CVR